South Florida STMA (Sports Turf Managers Association, Florida Chapter #1)

Next meeting Thursday, January 25, 2018, at University of Florida / IFAS, Davie, FL
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Photos below from December 5, 2016 meeting at Brian Piccolo Park, Cooper City
Thanks to John Okragleski and Broward County Parks and Recreation

Batter's box with packing clay bricks   BBQ lunch  
BBQ lunch   Batter's box with packing clay  

Photos below from May 25, 2016 meeting at JetBlue Park, Fort Myers
Thanks to Pablo Adorno, Bob Tice, and Stephen Brown

(for photos of the FIU meeting, go here)

(for photos of the Brian Piccolo Park meeting, go here)

(for photos of the Miami Dolphins meeting, go here)

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42 Jackie Robinson   Dr. Jason Kruse  
JetBlue Park, Fort Myers
42, Jackie Robinson
  Dr. Jason Kruse, University of Florida   JMS Services
JetBlue Park   JetBlue Park  

Pablo Adorno   JetBlue Park   Dr. Jason Kruse
Chris Fordney, Wesco Turf, Toro   Bob Tice, Lee County   JetBlue Park

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